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Are your products guaranteed?

We are confident that our products will assist in your wellness needs. After using our products and if you are not entirely satisfied, we will refund the purchase price within 2 weeks of purchase. 

How long does shipping take?

1 to 4 business days depending on where you are located. Cape Town - 1 day; main urban centers - 2-3 days; outlying areas 3-4 days

Is your CBD third party tested?

Yes, our products are tested by an independent lab.

How natural are your products?

Our products are formulated with natural ingredients, however in order to have a product life of more than a few weeks it is sometimes necessary to add a preservative.  We use the the most natural preservatives possible. We use Vitamin E  as an antioxidant for our oils.  We also use Potassium sorbate for CBD Gummies.  For the creams we use a product called Geogard Ultra. Geogard Ultra is certified by ECOcert/NATRUE for use in natural and organic products. Although Geogard Ultra contains Sodium benzoate, this specific patented formulation is regarded as safe. 

Which cream is best for arthritis?

Either the Cayenne Cream or the CBD (400mg) Cream are recommended for joint pain. They are both effective and offer a few hours of relief.

The Cayenne Cream is hot, is this normal?

Once applied to the skin, the cream will cause a warm or burning sensation. This is often aggravated by sweat or water. This sensation lessens after a few days of use, and may go away altogether with longer-term use

What is the difference between the Menthol cream and the Cayenne cream? 

They are essentially used for the same ailments -sore and stiff muscles and joints. In our research we found that some people don’t like menthol, especially if used at night.  The Cayenne has the added benefits of Frankincense ,Myrrh and Ginger for anti-inflammatory.  The effects of Menthol will be immediate while the Cayenne will take about 30 minutes to start working. The choice of cream is determined by personal preference.  Menthol has a cooling effect on muscles while Cayenne has a warming effect. (this can get quite hot if activated by water) Some athletes use the Cayenne cream prior to exercise and the Menthol cream after exercise. For arthritis sufferers, the Cayenne cream is a better option.

 How often can I apply a cream? 

We recommend that for the CBD cream use is restricted to a maximum of three times per day.  The other creams can be used four times per day as a maximum.

 Are the creams safe? 

As a general rule, due to the natural ingredients, our products should be regarded as safe.  However, each person is different, and has different sensitivities especially to essential oils.  For that reason we recommend doing a patch test prior to use.  Please also be aware that sensitivity can build up over time, especially if over used. If pregnant or nursing it is advisable to consult a doctor prior to use.  Wash hands after use and avoid contact with exposed skin or the eyes.

 Can your products be used for babies and children and people with very sensitive skin?

Our products should NOT be used on babies and should be used with care in children and people with sensitive skin.  We recommend doing a patch test prior to use.  Please also be aware that sensitivity can build up over time, especially if overused.

 Is there proof that the products actually work?

Our products have not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council, however that does not infer that they are ineffective. The herbal ingredients have been used for decades, and in some cases for centuries, and have stood the test of time. Many informal studies have been done showing the efficacy of herbals. Have a look on the web:

What is the source of your CBD?

Our CBD is the highest quality and imported from a very reputable international supplier in the US. It is subject to the most stringent quality standards.

What are Terpenes?

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that are found in several species of plants and herbs. These are the compounds that give plants their characteristic scents. Terpenes are added to our CBD products to enhance their efficacy. Our pure plant-based terpenes are sourced from a leading international company with the highest standard of extraction.  They are food grade, solvent free, non GMO and ISO9001 compliant. (see blog)

How do I take CBD drops?

CBD drops will begin working within about about 30 minutes.  However it is advised to take the drops for a period of about two weeks to achieve an optimal effect.  For improved sleep it is best to start at 1ml (2 x half pippetes) before bedtime each night. For inflammation take 0.5ml twice per day. For anxiety and pain take 1ml twice per day.

Will CBD have any psychoactive effects?

CBD is a compound extracted from the cannabis plant. The psychoactive effects from the cannabis plant are derived mainly from a compound called THC. Our CBD products do not contain any THC. For further information have a look at this website.

 Is the use of CBD legal?

As our CBD products do not contain any psychoactive THC they are regarded as legal in South Africa. CBD does not show up in drug tests and is NOT regarded as a banned substance for professional athletes.

 Is the use of CBD safe?

CBD is generally well tolerated and considered safe.  It is not recommended for use on young children or nursing mothers. 

What are the best products to help me sleep?

Poor sleep is often caused by anxiety.  Anxiety is often caused by suppressed fear.  In the above case, the only long term solution will be to investigate the source of your fear.  Products that help with anxiety will offer some relief.  We recommend that Ashwagandha and Magnesium chelate be taken twice a day.  The CBD Calm should be taken 30 minutes prior to bedtime. (for more info see blog)



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